About TMS

people looking up

At TMS, we ignite human potential, fostering growth in individuals and organizations. Our commitment to continuous improvement and our core values drive us to push educational and developmental boundaries.

Engagement and connection are at our core. We build meaningful relationships, moving closer to our vision with every interaction. Characterized by high performance and authentic communication, our team strives to exceed client expectations, delivering seamless experiences.

Purpose and joy are our essence. We act with integrity, aligning our actions with moral principles, and let life's vibrancy infuse our work with passion and creativity. As a community of learners and educators, we're dedicated to creating a lasting impact, driving lasting behavioral change in the workplace.

Our Values


Our Vision

We envision a world transformed by high-performing teams that embrace human diversity to drive innovation, increase productivity and promote sustainable growth.


Our Purpose

We empower individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential.


Our Mission

We work to simultaneously preserve and develop our research into the science of high-performing teams. As thought leaders we continually strive to innovate and deliver high-quality, relevant and easy-to-use products that generate clear and actionable insights for individuals and teams.


Our Impact

We leave a legacy of lasting human behavioural change in the workplace. By supporting growing numbers of people to accelerate their journey of self-awareness and discovery each year, we seek to amplify the positive impact of our approach through the individual, by making work a place of meaning, connection and high performance through teamwork.